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For years, patients looking to make lifestyle changes had been asking me to recommend vitamins and supplements, as the options can be overwhelming. So we recently began offering Omega 3, Vitamin D, probiotic, and a multivitamin.

  • Innate Choice is the brand I trust for my own family's health.

  • These products are the purest and most evidence-based I have found.

  • Patients have been getting great results since starting theses products.


Stop in the office to discuss your needs and to learn about pricing and dosage. You do not need to be a patient to purchase.


Omega A+D - Omega 3, commonly called fish oil, is one of the most crucial supplements you can take. Unfortunately, it is hard to consume enough Omega 3 through diet alone in order to be sufficient. Our primary dietary sources for Omega 3 are not as viable as they used to be, as most farm animals are now grain-fed instead of grass-fed and there is known toxicity in the fish supply. So it is imperative to get a pure form of Omega 3. Combined with correct ratios of Vitamins A and D, this particular formula was designed using research indicative of what our ancestors ate. This combination is necessary for any age and the quality of this product is second to none.


Omega Sufficiency Lemon Oil - US Label -

Probiotic - Increasing research is coming to the forefront showing the widespread benefits of having the proper gut microflora, as well as the catastrophic effects of being deficient. Diets in our industrialized society are notoriously lacking of fruit and vegetable fiber and high in processed sugars and other harmful foods. Most commercially available probiotics are based on cow flora, but since we do not have the same digestive system as a cow, we cannot rely on dairy to obtain our required bacteria. Innate Choice Probiotic is designed with the nine bacteria strains we need to be paleolithically congruent with our genetic requirement. Third-party tested to contain 15 parts per billion of live strains, this is a high quality product.

Probiotic Sufficiency - 520x902

Vitamin D - Research is clear that a vast majority of our society is grossly deficient in Vitamin D. It is an essential compound, but we cannot fully process it on our own. Humans can produce the compound all the way up to its inactive form, but we need direct sunlight, especially when the sun is its brightest, in order to activate it. Since most of us don't get enough exposure to direct sunlight, we need to supplement with Vitamin D. This extremely potent product is easy to ingest and effective to ensure you are sufficient in Vitamin D based on your genetic code. 

D Sufficiency - 424x920 72dpi.jpg

Multivitamin - I firmly believe that the best way to get necessary nutrients is through your diet. So not everyone needs this product. But if your diet is high in processed foods and deficient in enough fruits and vegetables, this is an ideal product. This multivitamin is 100% organic, non-synthetic, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, while being made from naturally-occurring fruits and vegetables. Anecdotal evidence shows possible detriments to using synthetic vitamins, and also points to their grossly underestimated digestion rates. This product, however, is designed to supplement a good diet in order to create sufficiency in required nutrients. 

Vita Sufficiency.jpg

To place a supplement order, simply call the office or send us an email.

We will have your order waiting whenever you are ready to pick it up.

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